Every business has something that sets it apart from any other. It can be as simple as the goodwill associated with the name on its door or on its web site. It might be the identities and characteristics of its vendors and customers, its market niche, or its know-how or accumulated expertise on how to get the job done. It may own or license computer software, images, text or other works. It may possess information which is not generally known to its competitors and from which it derives commercial value. It may provide the public with a way to discern where its goods or services come from with a trademark or service mark. It may conceive of new products or processes that are so different from what has gone before that they are worthy of patent protection.

All of these things are elements of a business’s intellectual property (IP) and the law recognizes several ways to protect it. Our mission is to advance the economic interests of our clients by acquiring, perfecting, protecting, maintaining, asserting and defending their intellectual property.